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What is a Custom Love Song?

A custom love song is what you get when we take your personal love story and transform it into a heart-felt song with meaningful lyrics, timeless melodies and beautiful instrumental arrangements.

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Unique and Original

No song is the same. We NEVER use templates or cookie cutter lyrics.

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Tells Your Own Love Story

High-quality lyrics wirtten in collaboration with YOU, to tell your own love story.

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Professional Vocals

Beautiful, expressive vocals recorded with a top tier vocalist with over 10 years experience.

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Industry Standard Production Quality

Our producer will engineer your song to sound just as good as or better than your favorite songs on Spotify.

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Includes a Lyric Video

Easily share your love song with your friends and family on social media with a custom lyric video.

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A Gift That Lasts Forever

Your love song is something you can listen to whenever you want and will take you right back to the emotions of your big day!

Who is this for?

Couple cutting cake to their custom love song

Engaged Couples Getting Married

Couple celebrating their anniversary to their custom love song

Your Anniversairy Celebration

Couple at a party listening to their custom love song

Any Big Life Celebration!

Happy Custom Song Clients

'My Rock'

Wedding Song for Des and Jess

Des and Jess first dance to their custom love song

"Tom helped me create my first dance song.. After a couple of long years for my new wife after having two lots of brain surgery this maid our big day amazing... Tom helped me so much.. was never pushy and listened to why I needed our song to be as it was.. massively recommended"

- Des

'Rest of my Days'

Wedding Song for Teri & Chris

"It's an emotional attachment to a song that no-one else will have that emotional attachment to. It's extremely unique and definitely worth it."

- Teri and Chris

'My Wife'

For Scott & Charlotte's First Dance

"I used the song as a surprise for our first dance it it was the perfect touch to a perfect day. A million miles better than using all the usual songs everyone uses and the have something custom and unique to celebrate and listen to in years to come. I can't thank Tom enough for the effort and support throughout the journey and the amazing end result he produced. I get goosebumps everytime I hear and watch this, what an amazing job you did to create something so unique and special. Thank you so much! "

- Scott

'Love at Last'

For Cindy's Wedding

"Tom was easy to contact. A really nice guy to communicate with and has captured what I wanted for my wedding."

- Cindy

Cindy and husband enjoying life together

'In My Brothers Arms'

For George & Louise's Wedding

"The song itself was incredible. It was a really really magical moment. we were all sat there just basically in tears listening to this song as it was really really touching. It was a very special moment, we had lots of great songs playing but that song itself was just a very magical thing."

- George

Custom Love Songs We've

Written, Recorded & Produced

"Rest of my Days" -

Wedding Song

This couple wanted something stripped back and fun! There's some super quirky lyrics and and catchy chorus that makes this song work really well for their wedding.

"Call You My Own" - Wedding Song

This bride-to-be contacted us to help create a personalized song about her relationship that has been 23 years in the making! She will surprise her partner with this song at their wedding reception.

"Stand By You"

- Wedding Song

This beautiful song tells the story of two amazing woman who have both gone through some tough times and are now going to spend the rest of their lives together.

"My Wife" - Wedding Song

This song was written as a surprise for the bride. Tom worked with the groom to write a song that really spoke to his soon-to-be wife and all the challenges she had overcome in her life. The song got played for the first dance when everyone was expecting some popular ballad. The energy in the room was full of emotion, wow!

"In My Brothers Arms"

- Wedding Song

This song was written as a gift for the groom from his brother. Since the grooms brothers mean so much to him, Tom wrote a powerful song that brought his 3 brothers and family closer together. This was played as a surprise during the speeches and the whole wedding party were in tears by the end of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Custom Love Songs

How does the song creation process work?

Everything starts with your Song Creation Call. Once we have enough information about your story, the vibe and characters involved, we can then get started on a first draft.

Tom will write the first verse, pre-chorus and chorus over some chords on the guitar. He’ll demo this with his vocalist and send it over for your review. This part usually takes 1-2 weeks from your first call.

Since the verse, pre-chorus and chorus make up most of the song, if you’re happy with the first demo, we’ll finish off the rest of the song and get started on production.

Depending on the complexity and instrumentation in the production this could take 1-4 weeks. Once complete, we’ll add the finishing touches to make sure it’s radio quality and you’ll get the hear the final version and a final opportunity to make any changes.

When you’re happy with the finished song, you’ll get a high quality download to share online with your friends and family, and a framed image of the song lyrics to display on your wall, as a well as any extras you requested.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

This depends on the number of revisions needed, complexity of production and availability of session musicians.

Typically, for a basic custom love song the writing, recording and production process will take around 2-4 weeks and up to 6 weeks for a full production and music video.

How much does it cost to get a custom song?

It depends on which package you choose, but our payment plans start from £99/month.

We’re giving you a radio-quality song, written and recorded by artists with millions of streams and decades of experience.

This is not some fill-in-the-blank, template song that you’ll find on other custom song websites, if someone is charging a few hundred pounds, there’s no way they can match the quality and personalization we offer.

We put our heart and soul into every song to make it extra special. We know you’ll absolutely love the final product, otherwise we’ll re-write it for free! But If you’re looking for a custom song for a few hundred pounds we’re not going to be a good fit.

Click here if you want to go listen to some of the custom love songs we've created for our clients.

Can I make changes to the song before it's recorded?

Yes, you will get several opportunities to review the progress of your song during the writing process, and if there’s anything you want to change or add we’ll take care of it. We want you to be 100% happy with the final version of your song, so your feedback is going to be super helpful!

I have an idea for a custom song, what do I do next?

Book in your free 15-minute Song Creation Call and you can discuss the idea you have in mind and what the next steps look like.

What packages do you offer?

We offer two packages an acoustic package and a full production package. You can click here to find out more about what's included in each package.

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